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Writer, Comic, Voice Over artist and Action Script Guy. Been working in stand up for the last year and and have had the huge pleasure of being able to work with eddie bowley as well check it out at www.eddegg.com

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Posted by Badgerless - July 1st, 2010

Its with real sadness that im annocing that i will no longer be involved with the making of Eddegg, Minions or anything else for that matter. Just going to take some time out. Got a bit of actionscprit to do but feel that im not best served doing eddegg anymore. It been fun and wish Eddie loads of luck for the future

Posted by Badgerless - October 29th, 2009

Thanks to everyone that like the new Edd egg animation. It was great fun to work on and great to write as well. Also want to send a huge thank you to Holly Rose Ashe. (wonderfull as she is) Some of her ideas where first class and made a huge differance to the work we did.

So stay tuned and so forth and we will be coming back. Also Happy thankgiving to everyone.

Also number to so just one more place to go

Posted by Badgerless - May 11th, 2009

Hello all you wonderfull newgrounds people so the new series made between me and eddache is up and the reviews have been postive. (well my mum liked it if nout else). But it seems as soon as it all gets going it might fall away from us. Following some cut backs at my firm and work in general drying up i have taken the big plunge and im heading out to Aus for a long hoilday and travel. It will also give me the chance to pass on the comics and start the Aussie arm of eddache and badgerless pictures. As we all know, they love a cockney "wide boy". Hopefully we will wangle a way for me still do the voice acting for minions and the odd moment of edd egg. But i will still carry on the writing (skype god bless the internet) but its been a wild ride and amazing to enjoy the success that eddache cartoons have bought me.

Eddie is an amazing friend and i know he works his arse off to get the animation done. Because as good as I am at flash actionscript and the odd one liner that sends us and his incredibly patient fiancée into fits of laughter none of this would have got off the ground had he not been able to draw and his determination to get that number one trophy. Thanks to newgrounds for the all the front pages we had and for the competion prize that gave us a chance to hit the drinks on beer fuelled evening.

So now that the oscar speech is over i can go back and get pissed at the aftershow party.

Posted by Badgerless - November 24th, 2008

Just wanted to say a huge well done to eddache for the success of the Eddegg series. Who would have thought that all that time ago when eddache drew that stickman with the strange eyes that he would go on to this kidda success. Its an hounor and a privalege to work with him. I know that between the two of the story can only get better. So a huge well done to eddache on the success. There is loads more to come